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What You Need To Know On Succeeding In A Godly Premarital Relationship


Title: Success In Marriage (Godly Premarital Relationship)
Bible Text: Gen 2: 18 – 24


Premarital Relationship is not an avenue for premarital sex or cohabitation with the fellow you are not yet married to…

Questions you need to ask before thinking of Godly premarital relationship::

1. What are you living for?.. what’s your purpose in life?

2. How does God speak To You?? … how does he speaks to you Concerning other issues other than marriage, so dat when it comes to marriage, you would know when he is speaking to you..

3. Am I spiritually or emotionally matured enough to enter this path??… You need to work on your emotions before you enter into marriage…

4. Am I ready to adhere to God’s Instructions in this relationship??

5. Is my potential partner attracted to me??… Both outward and inner ….

6. Am I ready for committed in a life long covenant Relationship??… It’s not a try your luck game, once you enter into it, that’s it Forever..

7. Am I ready for the responsibility attached to it??..

8. Are you ready to loose some of your rights?? …. So as to let peace reign??… like seeing some of your old friends…

9. Am I ready to forget and forgive??.. Col 3:13

10. Am I ready to learn and be sensitive to the needs of my potential partner??… Cos both of you have different backgrounds.. for example you can’t do a thing and your partner can, you must be ready to learn….

There is this typical example  of two people courting, they both went to visit a member after church service, and when they were going the sister prayer instead of the brotherand brother broke up the relationship just because he feels she was trying to take his place in the relationship…? Can you imagine that!

11. Would I be able to love my spouse biblically??.. it’s not about what he or she does or not, it’s because God say you must love.

12. Is This relationship is it based on love or lust??
Love is God and God is Love God is the sourse of true Love..
So if you don’t have God in you , there is no how you can show true love…. Therefore it’s lust if it’s the other way round…

These are what you need to know about love and lust 

Love is sacrificial, lust is not…. Love is peaceful and it’s brings joy, happiness.. lust is impatient, like the story of Jacob, when he in love with Rachel and was decieved into marrying Leah, and he used another seven years to wait for Rachel, so therefore Love is patient…  Love is honest(you open up, if you want you stay, if you don’t want, you go) … Love is genuine and lust if fake.. love is genuine and lust is arrogant..
There is bound to be misunderstanding (because you are from different background)..


1. Who is your mentor?..
2. Plan for how you can provide materially…  You must have plans for your life and responsible enough, as a man the responsibility lies on you
3. You must be ready to take care of your family
4. You must have clear direction for your life
5. You must be kind and not harsh on ladies…

1. Be focused!! And determined
2. Be submissive
3. Take care of your dressing… If you dress hot, you will attract guys like you… And when they want to marry they will marry girls with good moral dressing
4. You must have a Godly character..
5. Don’t be much of a talkative
6. Be rightly positioned, you can’t be rightly positioned in a night club
7. Be feminine
8. Maintain Purity … Premarital Relationship is not for premarital sex, you must be pure…
9. Be prudent.. spend wisely
10. Manage your time Well.

What you need to do when in courtship

1. You pray and study the word of God together
2. You solve problems together, financially, spiritually..
3. It’s a period to learn from each other.
4. You discuss real issues of life together
5. Decide to eat out, don’t go to a secluded places….You set boundaries

Things to avoid

1. Don’t meet in secluded places(we all posses flesh and blood
2. Don’t meet at night in a corner(One Corner)
3. Avoid physical closeness
4. Set limitations that you won’t break

#Why do you want to get married
Everyone has there reasons but You must know God plan for your life… You must have a purpose… Below are unhealthy Reasons why people get married..

Unhealthy Reasons
1. It’s a culture thing …
2. Age is against me , I must do something quickly
3. Peer pressure
4. Riches
5. Handskills or talent of the other person(Maybe He/She sings very well or a very good instrumentalist)
6. Some get married out of fear …
7. Because of sentiment… Joseph said:: how can I do this and sin against God…

Conclusion:: The closer you are to God, the closer you are to your life partner.. So therefore be close to God … take your time in place of prayer and since God is faithful and Just, He will show you the way!..



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