New Music Record Label Prolix Music Launches, Signs Deodarah and Aduragbemee -

New Music Record Label Prolix Music Launches, Signs Deodarah and Aduragbemee


We are pleased to officially introduce
Prolifix Music, a brand new Gospel Music
Record Label set to take the ‘mindustry’
by storm.


Prolifix Music is a production company
metamorphosed to a record label
committed primarily to Divinity,
artistry, innovation and excellence.

Founded by music and media
entrepreneur Toba Ogunremi and
officially launched in March 2017,
Prolifix music is out to harness the
limitless potential of gospel music and to
build a structure in the growing music
industry that allows gospel
entertainment to be much more
economically viable.

The Founder in His words said “Opening
up more investment insights, business
development and spirit filled content are
our modus operandi. Prolifix Music is a
bridge between talented vessels / acts to
a world of fulfillment and a platform for
excellent expression of creativity and
ideas deeply rooted in Christ whose
Kingdom we represent. We identify and
develop recording artists and
songwriters, and we produce, distribute
and promote the most sprit filled and
also commercially successful music to the
soul nourishment of fans across the
As digital technology refashions the
world, our unmatched commitment
to pioneer and reposition gospel
music industry, new services, platforms
and business models for the delivery of
music and related content fuels our
innovative minds and allows new
commercial and artistic opportunities to
flourish. We believe in making great
things even out of nothing, One talent is
just enough.”


Prolifix Music has signed two dynamic
artists to its roaster Aduragbemee and
Deodarah. Please see their detailed
profile below:

Aduragbemee Profile


Aduragbemi who
performs under the
stage name
“Aduragbemee” is a
Nigerian recording
artist, song writer,
music director and
producer. His two independently
released singles “son of man” and “hail
you” earned him much critical and

underground acclaim.

Aduragbemi was born in Abeokuta,
Ogun state, Nigeria. He learned how to
play the drums and also the piano at age
4 and at age 5 was active in the ministry
of music in his church in 2000,
Aduragbemee is currently signed to
“Prolifix music”

Deodarah Profile


14), is a
artist and
a worship
leader at Winners Voices of Living Faith
Church, popularly known as Winners’
Chapel. She hails from Ibadan, Oyo State
of the south western part of Nigeria.

Born in a family of four, she is the
second and last child and only daughter
of her parents. She obtained a degree in
microbiology at Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Growing up in a Christian home,
deo_darah began singing at an early age.
She performed throughout Abeokuta and
ile-ife during her undergraduate years.
She recorded her first single “Do A
Dance” some years back among others,
featuring popular gospel rapper, Provabs
(AKA Ami).

According to Deodarah, music is a
lifestyle and her passion for music has
driven her till today. Her dynamic,
distinctive and captivating voice carries
power to soothe and encourage the heart
of people everywhere.

She was featured as backup for other
artistes such as Tonia Shodunke, the
award winning singer of the song
“Ijoya”. She has shared stage with the
likes of Sammy Okposo, Tim Godfrey, Big
Bolaji and Aduragbemi just to mention a

Ultimately, Deodarah’s prayer is that she
would be used as a vessel of change, that
her music will touch the lives of many
throughout Nigeria and abroad.
Deodarah is currently signed to Prolifix


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