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[Music] JUDAH – He Is Good (ft. John Van Duesen)

JUDAH - He Is Good

JUDAH drops a brand new song titled “He Is Good” along with the official lyric video, which can be viewed below. “He Is Good” features John Van Duesen.

The new single is available now to download or stream.


We’ve got beauty for ashes
We’ve got joy for our mourning and
Our praise will lift off all our heaviness

We’ve got peace in the chaos
We’ve got hope when we’ve gone lost
(we are lost?)
For when two of us are gathered He is Here

He is good
All the time

He sent us to bind the broken
To preach good news to the poor for
His Spirit is upon us;
He’s anointed us with oil to
To bring freedom to those imprisoned
The blind will see and the lame will run
For the Power that rose Him that April, lives inside of us

All of our words could never come close
To the glory of Him all history will know
So give thanks for the mercies enduring forever the Goodness of God is the story worth telling

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