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[Music] Elevation Worship – Might Get Loud

Elevation Worship - Might Get Loud

GRAMMY nominated and Billboard #1 worship group Elevation Worship is excited to release their newest single, “Might Get Loud“.

“Might Get Loud” is an unreserved, energetic song co-written by Steven Furtick, Brown, and Lake that has become a staple on Sundays at Elevation Church this year. With soaring vocals, screaming guitars, and thunderous drums, the song doesn’t hold anything back.

“Might Get Loud” was written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, and Brandon Lake

Watch Video Below:

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LYRICS: Elevation Worship – Might Get Loud

Excuse me for a minute
But I have got a song to sing
It might not be on key
But it’s from my heart

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No one else can tell it
What the Lord has done for me
This might take all day
So I better start right now

And it might get loud
It might get loud
Heaven’s coming down down down
And it might get loud

I don’t have a halo
No I’m not a perfect man
I’m just glad to be a child of God

When I think of where I coulda been
Shoulda been woulda been
if he hadn’t stepped in
I got a praise on the inside that can’t be denied
and I gotta get it out right now

Why can’t I praise him as loud as I want

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