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[Music] Adu Ayobami – That I May Recognize

Adu Ayobami - That I May Recognize

Gospel music minister, Worship/Praise leader, Adu Ayobami releases a new single titled “That I May Recognize” as a follow up to his last single “Yahweh

Certain things we have become short off due to the fact that we are unable to recognize them or we fail to discern what to do concerning certain situations and the answers had already showed up. A man has to come to understand the ways of God and how the one who God uses also runs his life…

(Psalm 103:7)
Many of us are still stuck with the acts of God, when we can actually come to understand his ways. When you know God’s ways and understand, your life becomes easy.. Because In knowing his ways, you will arrive at the fact that we live by faith in this kingdom. All we need to do is to ask God to help us to know his ways, to learn to discern and to recognize when the time comes, to the end that our lives are consumed with the zeal of the Father and the Glory of God shines through us.

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As you listen to this song… Pray along that you may come to discern and recognize the seasons and the speakings of God

Sometimes all we just need to say is “Father.. Help”

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That I May Recognize – Adu Ayobami

Help me to know your ways
To trust and to obey
That I learn to discern
That I may recognize

That your fire burn
That your glory shine
Oh Lord in me
And Yes Through me.


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