Interview With Shalom Olabode; One Of The Fastest Growing Nigerian Saxophonists -

Interview With Shalom Olabode; One Of The Fastest Growing Nigerian Saxophonists


Shalom Oriade Olabode is a well-seasoned Saxophonist, composer, songwriter and a musicologist (in-view).


He was born on 30th December, 1998 to a family of eight. He is the first of six children. He hails from Oka-Akoko, Ondo state. Nigeria He had his basic education at Salvation Day Nursery and Primary school, and secondary education at Mary-Mag College in Lagos.

Growing up in a musical family, in which his father was a multi-instrumentalist, and his mother a singer, gave him a head start musically. He began playing the drums at the tender age of 6, and later the Piano at age 10, when his dad bought a keyboard for the family at that time. On resumption to a boarding secondary school, he had no access to drums or any keyboard to practice, and he playfully picked up the recorder, learning with the manual inside the pack. In no time, he was caught entertaining his colleagues and friends around the school by playing popular repertoires (hit songs) with his recorder.

He developed interest in the Saxophone after listening to songs of the great Grover Washington Jr. and Kenny G played to him by his dad; who has ever since been a great influence to his music.


He started playing the saxophone at the age of thirteen after getting an alto saxophone as a gift from his parents, and has since been in love with playing the Saxophone.

He has performed alongside Yinka Davies, Chidinma and Jimi Solanke. He has also played and  social gatherings like weddings, birthdays etc…and believers’ gatherings like Daystar Christian Center

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
Above all he is a gentleman, who is driven by the love of God.

Here Is An Interview Held With Shalom Olabode On The 13th, October, 2017 By Gospelvibes Admin.

Good morning Sir
Q. Kindly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
A. My name is Shalom Oriade Olabode, popularly referred to as Shalom Olabode. I’m a multi-instrumentalist; especially a saxophonist, singer, songwriter, composer and musicologist in the making. I’m a Christian, I’m pursuing my first degree in Music at Obafemi Awolowo University at the moment.

Q. Since When Have You Been Playing The Saxophone
A. Since I was 13 years old…

Q. How has it been so far?
A. It’s been fun, awesome, wonderful…I would summarize it to being God’s grace

Q. What are the major challenges you think that are in the music industry in Nigeria?
A. No huge appreciation of good music yet, and this makes it a bit difficult for serious minded musicians to thrive; and that in turn results into musicians deviating into other areas for greener pastures

Q. What was your first show experience, any flops?
A. My first show was a 50th birthday celebration; and of course, there were flops but the most important thing to me about mistakes, is learning from them…which I’ve been able to do by God’s grace.

Q. We heard you are studying music in Obafemi Awolowo University, does being a performing saxophonist artiste affect your studies?
A. Not at all, the issue is striking the balance; doing the right thing, at the right time.

Q. Who is your mentor?
A. Dave Koz has always been someone I look up to as a mentor on the saxophone.

Q. Saxophonist you would like to feature with.
A. That would be BeeJay Sax

Q. Artist you would like to feature with.
A. Nathaniel Bassey

Q. Are you a gospel or secular saxophonist?
A. I am a gospel artiste; but I’m also into social and corporate events.

Q. What motivates you?
A. Philippians chapter 4 Vs 13: I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me

Q. What’s your relationship status sir?
A. I’m single

Q. What’s your plan after graduating as a musicologist
A. This remains a secret between myself and God

Q. If not saxophone, if not music, what else do you depend on?
A. If not music, business. I still intend to do business later on, but at the moment, I’m focusing on music.

Q. What other musical instrument do you play sir.
A. I sing, I play the keyboard, guitar and drums.

Q. What’s the biggest event you’ve ever Performed?
A. A couple of Social Events.

Q. So, you play more of corporate/social events to Gospel events?
A. Depends on anyone that comes up…no preference.

Q. What’s your say about Gospel artist featuring secular artist?
A. My say doesn’t matter. What matters is God’s say. I’ll only suggest we consult the Word before making any moves, our moves shouldn’t be based upon what we feel is right, it should be based upon Thus saith the Lord (the Word).

Q. Personality characteristics someone needs to have to be a successful saxophonist?
A. Be consistent with rehearsals and listen to the greats

Q. Do you have any track already?
A. No yet. I’ve got somethings loading and should be dropped soon

Q. Most discouraging stage Performance?
A. I remember playing Jazz to an audience that couldn’t relate with jazz, and nothing gives me more joy than seeing people connect with my music.

Q. Most memorable event you have played at
A. Every time people connect with my music is memorable

Q. Where do you see yourself in next 5-10years?
A. At the TOP

Q. Words to live by?
A. Learn what works, stick to it, and remember Philippians chapter 4 verse 13

Q. What’s your advice to other saxophonists that are just coming up?
A. Before you take it as a career, take it as a hobby.

COntact Shalom Olabode:
Instagram: @ShalomOlabode
Twitter: @ShalomAtere
Email – [email protected]
Phone number – 09053171623


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