DOWNLOAD Music:: JackPraise Releases New Single Titled "Ebube" Ft. Itwocee -

DOWNLOAD Music:: JackPraise Releases New Single Titled “Ebube” Ft. Itwocee

Jackson popularly known with a stage name jackpraise is out with a brand new single titled”Ebube”. He Hails from Anambra state
According To JackPraise::
I realise that I’m living is just by grace. God’s inspiration is the realm of my worship.  The glory of God is the gateway to actualisation of dreams, purpose and destiny.

Ebube!!! Oooh.. Ebube !!! ooh  Ebube,  gi bu chim 3*
Ebube, Ebube oh!!  Ebube
Gi by chim 
Solo 1: 
Ebube chukwu  gi  kam ji aga
Ebube chukwu kam ji eme onu 
No fear, no intimidation anymore
Because I have, the glory of my father
Ebube gi dum aga 
Ebube oma
Oge shedrack,  Meshack and Abednego 
Ha nuru iyi they will not bow before any other gods 
The king pass a command
Throw them!! Throw them!! 
Throw them inside the fire 
They were thrown inside the fire
Ebube Jesus gbadatara 
We mee oku we ghoro nmiri
Ebube gi*4
Ojuru m Anya eeh
There is nothing that can take your place in me 
As far as I live,  my life belongs to you, my soul belongs to you, my body belongs to you 
Ebube gi kam ji  aga
Leenu Moses, ebube  kewara osimiri uhie 
Ebube kpoliri lazarus
Ebube mere onye isi ohu uzo
Ebube chukwu
(then the chorus)  
Solo 2:
I Will join the Host of heaven to give you praises, ebube mu ebube muoo 
You are the only one for me, the solid Rock I stand on (solid rock I stand on) 
When I call upon your name all my mountains will be lowered, will be lowered and be plane before me
You shine brighter than the morning star in the night times lord you are always there (lord you are always there)
Soso gi bu chi’m so gi kam gana  ekene 
So I sing amen hallelujah amen amen hallelujah
Mma Mma imela
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