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Author Melvin L. Latimer Draws Readers Gently Into The light With “A Cry in the Dark: My Journey from Fear to Freedom”

While the Bible may seem abstract and mysterious to some, others find it to be a constant source of applicable, everyday wisdom.  Latimer is one of these people, and he takes teachings from God’s Word to lead readers to a divine relationship that will change their lives in very practical ways.  Woven together with his personal testimony is encouragement for readers to find courage and freedom in Christ.

“I was inspired to write the book because I wanted to help others to realize that they did not have to continue to cry in the dark because there is hope and help,” said Latimer.

Melvin L. Latimer holds an honorary doctorate degree in Biblical Education, and has spent over 45 years in the gospel ministry, specializing in men’s ministry.

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A Cry in the Dark is written from the author’s vivid experience of his own personal, powerful testimony and spiritual teaching. The author shares a life journey of overcoming fears, failures and shame with profound biblical teaching, revelatory insight, and wisdom for conquering life’s challenges through the love of Christ. A Cry in the Dark will captivate the hearts of readers, while encouraging them with the courage and freedom found in the arms of God. Within the text, the author masterfully balances between the book’s biblical, Christ-centered teaching and real-life application. This will motivate the reader with truth directly from God’s Word, while educating the reader with practical wisdom that will help them apply that truth to their own life. This balance also brings God’s Word to life in new and exciting ways, encouraging the reader to dive deeper into the Bible and pursue an even greater relationship with God.

Throughout the book, the author has professionally organized the writing in such a way that allows the reader to readily receive and process the story shared within the book. The book incorporates the story well, as the order and flow of its contents contribute strongly to the journey of the author’s life and spiritual growth.

Melvin L. Latimer is the Senior Associate Minister at One Church DMV in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He also serves as President and Founder of Men on a Mission Worldwide Ministry, Inc., a 501-C non-profit organization that empowers men to become spheres of Godly influence in their homes, churches, communities and the world at large. He recently established a School of Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya to equip men on how to become effective leaders in their churches, homes, and communities.


Website: www.moam.org
Social Media: Instagram: @latimermelvin

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