A'dam Of Spaghetti Records Talks About There Latest Single "30 Billion Hallelujah" -

A’dam Of Spaghetti Records Talks About There Latest Single “30 Billion Hallelujah”


A’dam took to his facebook page to share his own view Concerning their latest jam “30 Billion Hallelujah” which is currently trending on the airwaves with massive downloads…


The song which was produced by tyanx is one which you will surely want to put on repeat!…

Also check- DOWNLOAD Music:: Mike Abdul x A’dam x Monique – 30 Billion Hallelujah

According To A’dam:


When Mike Abdul @mikeabdulnaija told me and Monique
@moniquenaija about making this song, I disagreed and really thought it was a bad idea because of the use of the “30Billion” cliché In the mainstream media.
What comes to mind when u hear 30Billion? Wealth right? Oh yeah… serious wealth!
We are in a generation where wealth is exalted above values and sadly in some cases above God.
I have an understanding that the value of light is best appreciated when there is darkness, and thus this made me concurr that I’d rather make a conscious and deliberate effort to give 30Billion worth of praise to my maker than limit my praise by the myopic idea that it’s just a trend.
Halleluyah is the CURRENCY of praisers and grateful people. It is the BRAGGING RIGHTS children of God have over the powers of this world.
30Billion is just our mind trying to quantify the value and worth of praise we should be willing to give to God per day.


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